Would is be possible to Broadcast Audio over many Interpretation channels?


I have been running zoom Webinars and Meetings for a good 3/4 years now and have in the last year or so been running Webinars/Meetings with Interpretation Enabled.

So far the sessions have been brilliant and easy to run but i would love to know if it is possible to Broadcast Audio across multiple Language channels.

The reason for this is for when i run a quiz/poll the client would like to hear music playing in all channels. the only way i believe this is possible currently is to sign in multiple devices to each language channel and simultaneously play audio across all of them.

Is there a cheat or option to fix this?

I would loved to see how anyone else has overcome this…

Hey @jack.rogers

Thanks for sharing your use case here. It sounds like this would be a valuable feature to have so I recommend submitting a post in our #feature-requests category or reaching out to our Technical Support Team

in the meantime, I’m not aware of a method around this other than having interpreters queued up with the same audio.

Thank you Max,

I have resubmitted in the Feature Request category.

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Thank you for @jack.rogers! Your feedback and suggestions are appreciated!


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