Multiple incoming and outgoing languages for interpreters


I am producing training videos for Zoom language interpretation and organizing webinars. I am also a simultaneous interpreter myself.

There are four common inquiries:

  1. Interpreters speak and translate to/from multiple languages, i.e. from English and German to French or Ducth. They want to have the ability to listen to multiple audio channels and translate into multiple audio channels.
  2. Interpreters typically work in pairs and they need to listen / give feedback / help their partner. In current Zoom version, once assigned as an interpreter, interpreters cannot hear their partner. This also prevents smooth transition during handover (one interpreter mutes and the other takes over in every 20 - 30 minutes)
  3. Interpreters may need to listen other interpreters, see item 1 - they may need to take from German instead of English (floor) during the same meeting. This technique is called “relay”.
  4. Interpreters need to adjust incoming and outgoing audio seperately. Many interpreters listen to the floor and also their partner at the same time to detect any mistranslation or error so that they can help each other.

I know these are feature requests but it seems like your forum is more active and responsive.

Thank you very much for your time.
If you like to have a more detailed user feedback from a 20+ year interpreter + trainer, I will volunteer to help you redesign your language interpretation module.

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Zoom has the best reliable, user friendly platform, But lacks important features for interpretation.

We use a workaround whilst Zoom rectifies this issue, the interpreters join with a second device that allows them to pick any other language to relay.

Also using whatsapp to communicate with their Virtual Booth partner to do handover etc.

It’s not perfect, but it works for now.

Zoom said they are working on it, but the security issues have become priority, so these are on the wait list for now…

Zoom always say write to zoom feedback, I have tried sending many times, but it seems they don’t respond to them, even ones sent in March…so hence I always put the requests here as well as sometimes at least you get a response from Zoom…

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