Wrong callback when host asks participant to stop video

I am trying to handle the callback for when the host asks a participant to stop their video. From the documentation I am expecting the callback to trigger the override fun onUserVideoStatusChanged(p0: Long, p1: InMeetingServiceListener.VideoStatus?) method. I am expecting the VideoStatus to be InMeetingServiceListener.VideoStatus.Video_Mute_ByHost but instead I am receiving Video_OFF. However this is the same VideoStatus for when the participant manually turns off their video.

Since both send the same VideoStatus, I am not sure how to isolate only the case when the host asks to stop the video. Is this a known issue? Or am I missing something?

Which Android Client SDK version?

Hi @rares.vultur, thanks for the post.

We will need to investigate the correct functionality here, as Video_OFF seems like a valid status to receive in this case. While we look into this, do you have a specific need for the Video_Mute_ByHost status being sent in this scenario, or are you just looking to confirm the expected behavior?


Thanks for the reply Jon!
Yeah, I would need the Video_Mute_ByHost being sent since I want to show a specific alert for when the participant has been muted by host. Could you help me figure out how to isolate this specific case?

Hi @rares.vultur,

Thanks for confirming. I believe this is something we will need to make a change in the SDK, but we will need to investigate and get back to you.