[RESOLVED] VideoMute Issue

Version 11 of API


Try unmuting the video of the host.  It doesn’t work.  Whereas if I send the participant ID of an audio mute on the host it works.  I think the API is not allowing video mute like audio mute of the host.  I can code something to send the video request like that of video mute on the larger buttons on the home screen if you dont want to support it.  But I thought it weird that if audiomute works on the host, then it should work for video mute.  


That is correct. For muting/unmuting the video or audio of the host, use zConfiguration Call instead:

To mute the host’s video:
zConfiguration Call Camera Mute: on

To mute the host’s audio:
zConfiguration Call Microphone Mute: on

This works for muting the audio of the host:
zCommand Call MuteParticipant Mute
But don’t use that: use the zConfiguration Call commands instead.

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Yep, understood.  I just wanted to let you know that you can mute the host as a host using the participant calls but not the video one.  So Ill just send the Call Camera Mute requests for the host to get both buttons working