Wrong cloud recording usage size

is there a particular way how cloud recording usage is calculated? I have trashed thousands recordings through API, however Zoom web interface shows a higher value than it is.

For instance:

The above image shows 564GB used. Exporting the list of existing recordings (not trashed) in a CSV will show (upon calculation) that actual used storage is only 130GB.
Why is that?
BTW, in the trashed recordings page, Zoom states that “These files will not count as part of your total storage allowance.”
So where does the extra 434GB (564 - 130) come from?

Hi @Dolphin65, as this is API / Developer forum, I’m not as familiar with how this managed as someone from Zoom Customer Support might be; however, this may be calculated from recordings which have been deleted but are still in the trash?

If you would like to permanently delete these recordings via API, pass delete as the action query parameter on the request path.