Wrong runningContext in a Zoom App

Zoom Apps Configuration
React Web App + Zoom App SDK v0.16.12

We are currently developing an application that operates within the context of Zoom. Upon launch, it checks the running context, and if it identifies that it’s running in a meeting, it presents a live call screen. However, we’ve started noticing an issue where the Zoom App SDK occasionally returns an incorrect context.

Please refer to the attached screenshot. Here, a user initiates a call in Zoom, our application launches, but the runningContext displays as “inMainClient”, whereas it should read “inMeeting”.

We’ve witnessed this problem several times in Zoom client version 5.14.2 (17213) running on a Mac. Nonetheless, I’ve been unable to reproduce this issue on version 5.13.11 (13434) running on a Windows machine.

The Zoom App SDK method .getRunningContext() returns “inMainClient” when a user starts a meeting. However, the expected return value is “inMeeting”.

Hi @alextsi
Thanks for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum!
Sorry for the late reply here! Could you please confirm if you are still experiencing this issue with the app running on a Mac?

Hi @elisa.zoom !

Yes, we’re still experiencing the problem. Still using version: 5.14.2 (17213) on mac.