Wrong video aspect ratio after disabling and re-enabling video

When the session starts it uses a video resolution of 640x480. After disabling and re-enabling the video stream, the video resolution changes to 640x360.

Which iOS Video SDK version?

  • 1.3.0 - 1.3.3 (all in between)

To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Join a session
  2. Disable users video
  3. Re-enable users video
  4. The video aspect ratio (resolution) has change

before & after:

Troubleshooting Routes
Here is a sample app that demostrates the issue: zoomaspect.zip

After disable and re-enable the user’s video, our stream resolution will gradually adapt to the best.
Btw, the resolution will changed as your network bend-witch changed.

resolution can change … but not the aspect ratio … this makes the video to change zoom if you fill the aspect ratio

Would you minder to tell us the detail of usage?
1.Are you using the rawdata or canvas?
2.how to subscribe the user’s video?

user.getVideoCanvas()?.subscribe(with: view, andAspectMode: .panAndScan)

great work .

Hi @rokgregoric ,
Can’t download your sample zip file. And the sample code paste is for pan and scan mode. That will not show the black line as your picture shown, will cut some video and show full screen.
Please confirm again.

here is the sample using a different transfer service: WeTransfer - Send Large Files & Share Photos Online - Up to 2GB Free - hope that works for you.

Changing the aspect mode to pan and scan - DOESN’T fix the issue - when the aspect ratio / resolution changes the zoom of the video changes, and users can notice that:

Still not fixed in v1.5.0

@jackie.chen This happens only when using an externalVideoSourceDelegate and
session.sessionPreset = .vga640x480

When setting the preset to:
session.sessionPreset = .hd1280x720
the aspect ratio is correct.

Hi @rokgregoric ,
Thanks for your important information. Will push our team to handle this issue.

@jackie.chen please check Black video using v1.5.0 + externalVideoSourceDelegate. The two issues are related.

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