Xamarin support


Hi, can the Zoom SDK be integrated to iOS apps using Xamarin? Is the cross platform plugin available?


Hi Rajashree,

Zoom SDK works on native iOS application, we don’t have the cross platform available today.



Thanks for the quick reply. Then, is it possible to use the web browser control that integrates the zoom video functionality?


Hi Rajashree,

could you give more details? Do you mean using web browser to control iOS application which integrated with Zoom SDK?


No, having a web browser inside the iOS application which will integrate zoom video functionality. Load the zoom page or similar kind of functionality.


Hi Rajashree,

We planning to release JS SDK in Early May. This may works for your use case.



Xamarin Studio (now known as Visual Studio for Mac) is way more than cross platform.  It does generate “native iOS applications”.  You just use Visual Studio for Mac, .NET and C# instead of Xcode and Objective C or Swift.

We are currently creating a binding for the Zoom SDK to allow applications to be built using Visual Studio for Mac.  In fact, we have the binding built but are in the midst of testing and debugging now.

Stay Tuned!


Hi - Any update on this support for Xamerin?


any update?


Any update, please?


Sorry, we don’t do research in Xamarin.