Xsplit/Zoom Issue with 4.6.8 and 4.6.9


Apr 1st - We’ve noticed a recent issue arise with Xsplit and Zoom. Xsplit will not run with versions 4.6.8 and 4.6.9, very odd. Xsplit has ran with Zoom, for years, no issues. Note: we run on a PC/Windows desk top. How can we get version 4.6.7, or earlier, until this bug is fixed? (I’m assuming this should resolve the issue, in the short term). We can’t find any older versions, anywhere online. We’ve had to cancel classes because of this, losing money. On verge of going to another vendor.


Having the same issue. XSplit Broadcaster has worked with Zoom in the past with no issues. My Zoom auto-updated today, and now XSplit no longer works.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for the post. It seems like you are referring to the Zoom Windows Client. Unfortunately I do not have any visibilities regarding the issues for Zoom Windows Client. Please contact our Zoom client support at https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us or provide feedback at https://zoom.us/feed



We were able to get it to work with 4.6.9 (thanks to Xsplit’s tech support). We just uninstalled Xsplit (through Control Panel, to save all settings - very important), downloaded Xsplit, re-installed it, restarted PC, and Zoom then recognized it in the video selection. Now, it works, but its still buggy (compared to normal).

Notes to Dev’s:

When we now go to admit client from the waiting room, we push ‘admit’, it then makes that sound as if they just left the room, but then they appear a few seconds later…odd.

Also, client isn’t given audio option selection (join with internet audio, etc) until after being admitted into the meeting. I’m pretty sure it used to be before they were admitted? (I could be wrong).

Also, we have ‘original audio’ selected and locked in our account, but when we now end a meeting, it doesn’t stay selected. We have to manually push the button (top left corner), each time we start a meeting. Not sure why its not staying put.

These observations are from yesterday - April 6/20. Honestly, kinda uneasy to do any future updates until this current situation is sorted out.


Hi Carson,

Thanks for the message. We had contacted Zoom support, many many times (phone, emails, etc). We went 6 days with zero response. It was tech support from Xsplit that finally helped resolve that particular issue. If you look at my other post, you’ll see latest observations that Zoom Dev’s could look into. App isn’t functioning as normal, still buggy.


Hi dmsmusic,

Thanks for the reply and for posting the information. Glad to hear that it is working. The recent emerging needs for support makes the response time longer than before, pardon the inconvenience caused by this. I really wish I could help but it is out of the scope of what I am working on so I do not have any visibilities or insight for this. I will keep an eye on the client release note and if the fix for Xsplit is mentioned, I will update you here.