You cannot authorize, This app cannot be installed outside of developer account

Hey we are making application like zapier, we use Outh2.0 authentication for Zoom API,
Problem we are facing is when we try to login the other zoom user account via our application which uses zoom Oauth2.0 authentication it shows this

But when we try to login using our own account which we registered in zoom for creating Oauth2.0 apps it enters and authenticate it our application without any notice but we are facing the notice when we are testing it with other users account, do we need to publish our app which we created, to make it work just like zapier does

Please reply ASAP

Hi @adarshsoni500, yes, to install an app on an account outside of your own, the app must be published on the Zoom App Marketplace. Here’s our guide to publishing an app:

Hi @michael.harrington .
We have same issue with @adarshsoni500. And let me ask a question to make it more clear.

We need to test Zoom account before release to production environment. I thought as long as we publish our app to Market place, we could test our app using multiple Zoom account in our Dev environment.

But, I couldn’t. My question is, is this what you expected? If it’s yes, do you have any option to test our app in dev environment using multiple Zoom accounts? for example, make a company account?

Thank you!

Hey @jungmo.kang,

You can only test the development environment on your own Zoom account with your own Zoom users.

With the Production environment, you can request a shareable beta install url be granted which can allow you to test your app on external Zoom accounts before you publish it to the Marketplace.


Hi @tommy
This does not work for my app “Meeting controller”. Users outside my account can’t install it, even though the publishable URL got approved. Let me know if you need more info

Hey @shervink11,

Can you please reach out to your app reviewer (if you have one already) to have them check the status of your publishable url?


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I just checked and realized the problem was a CORS-extension I had enabled. It prevented me from downloading any app from the marketplace. Thanks for your help

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Happy to hear you figured it out! :slight_smile: