Zapier Authorization Error


Hi, we tried to connect our Zoom Partner API account to Zapier and got:

Any idea what’s happening? We’re on a paid API account and using the API key and API secret provided on 

@Brian, you should use the api key/secret in profile settings page.

Our account doesn’t have an API key/secret on the page you’re linking me to. 

We’re on a paid API account and used the API key and API secret provided on this URL when we login which is what we used:

Side note: The URL you link me to redirects to a “”. Even if I adapt the link to your non development environment, I’m still not able to see a API key/secret on that URL.

Please go to My Meeting Settings page to find “Integration Authentication” section, you should use the api key/secret on that page.

I’m not seeing any mention in My Meeting Settings for “Integration Authentication” or “API”


@Brian, now this feature is not available for API Partner, but you can ask our support team to help you to enable Zapier integration.

Already asked the support team, who told me to reach out here. Should I reach out to support a second time? 

Brian, please. we do not have access to your account to check it out. Please reach our support and they will triage this and if needed escalate this to engineering.