zCommand Dial Start Failing to join

We have a JOIN now page to join a currently run meeting. When we submit the command

zCommand Dial Start meetingNumber: 4893387813

This used to bring you into the meeting no problem. There is also the command zCommand Dial Join meetingNumber: 4893387813.

None of these work now that you guys have enforced passwords. A few times I saw a response come back saying it needs a password, but I dont think there are ways you can pass a password.

Can the developers look into this as well?

Hey @Atlona_Velocity,

Let me know if this thread answers your question:


Yes that passcode worked with join if the API comes back and says a passcode is required. (which I think is everytime now for join) whereas previously no passcodes were needed.

Hey @Atlona_Velocity,

Happy to hear that worked!

Let me know if you need help with anything else.


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