zCommand Dial Start with a password

Is is possible to use zCommand Dial Start command with a password somewhat the same way Dial Join command works?
I’ve tried several ways
zCommand Dial Start meetingNumber: xxxxxxxxx password: xxxxxx
zCommand Dial Start meetingNumber: xxxxxxxxx meetingPassword: xxxxxx
zCommand Dial Start meetingNumber: xxxxxxxxx passcode: xxxxxx

still getting the error
*r onUnsupported Command(status=Error):
** end

Is it supposed to work or is simply not supported? Using the command without the password for the scheduled meeting that does have password set ends up with an error which makes me think it’s supposed to work and Im simply not using the right way for it to work:

*e MeetingNeedsPassword needsPassword: true
*e MeetingNeedsPassword wrongAndRetry: false
** end

Documentation doesn’t mention anything specifically related to this matter so I just need to make sure whether such option is supported, or it is not possible to start a scheduled meeting that has a password set.

Thank you

Hi @maksym.rossiitsev,

Thank you for reaching out about this, and great question. Apologies for the ambiguity on this.

At the moment, I’m afraid it’s not possible to use this command to start a scheduled meeting that has a password set. However, our team is working to include this functionality in an upcoming release (ZOOM-172043).

Keep an eye on our changelog as we work on this!

I hope this helps to clarify,

Hi @will.zoom,
Thank you for the reply, I figured as much that it is not supported at the moment, also the error message makes sense, been just wondering if I’m using it wrong.

Thank you! :slight_smile:

@maksym.rossiitsev I see—thanks again for raising this with us, and expect to see this functionality soon!


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