zCommand Phonebook search?


The current ZoomRoom UI has the ability to search the contacts list. We’re aiming to recreate that in our development of Crestron integration via the ZRCLI API.

There does not appear to be an API call to search the phonebook in the documentation. The absence of such a call would indicate that we would need to retrieve the entire phonebook and store in memory which could be very problematic for large corporate deployments with a large quantity of contacts.

If possible, we’d like to see a search parameter for the zCommand Phonebook list call as well as some optional additional parameters like IsZoomRoom so that we could better formulate calls to retrieve a pre-filtered set of contacts without having to retrieve every available contact when there may be no need to.

It would also be helpful if there was an API query to return the total number of contacts available. That would make it much easier to effectively retrieve the entire phonebook if necessary, using the existing parameters for Limit and Offset on the zCommand Phonebook list call.

In future, is there a plan to support a folder structure for the phonebook to allow for better organization of contacts by geographic region, business groups, etc.?


Hi @ndorin,

Thank you for reaching out to our Zoom Developer Support Forum.

We have received your request and will get back to you shortly.