Get the list of callees or friends to invite to a meeting thru API

What would be the url to make the GET,POST, etc to receive that list?


Hey @ghernandez, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

To get a list of users on your Zoom account you can call the List Users endpoint,


That’s not what I’m looking for, I meant as Contact list.

Your response give me the user associate to the main account not the contact list, “friends”, directory, or phonebook.


Hey @ghernandez,

Currently we do not have a contact list API. We will have this in the future, but I do not have a timeframe. You can follow our changelog here.


Thank you, I found that you can do the basic commands included the phonebook and sharing thru the SSH (CLI/JSON) Documentation.

Hey @ghernandez, can you share the link to the docs here?


Sure here it is:

Note: You will need to use ShellStream from the SSH Library that you use such as Crestron SIMPL#, SHH.Net for .Net 4+. ZR-CSAPI don’t allow exec Commands.

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Thanks @ghernandez!

Let us know if you have any other questions!