Zoom Account requirements

Hi. I’ve been reading a bunch of posts regarding the problem I’m experiencing but can’t find a definitive answer. Here is the scenario:
I have a free Zoom account.
I’ve created a JWT App, downloaded the sample Web SDK app and added the proper API keys.
I start a meeting from my Zoom account and is able to connect to it as an Attendee using the sample app.
I tried to connect to a meeting that was started using a different free Zoom account but got the ‘connection timed out’ error. This meeting does not have waiting room enabled and has no restrictions.
Does the other Zoom account have to be a PRO account in order for me to connect to it ? Or are there other requirements necessary ?

Your connection has timed out and you cannot join the meeting. Verify your network connectivity and try again.

Which version?

Hey @lrmpham,

Can you send the Web SDK signature you are generating when getting that error to developersupport@zoom.us so we can help debug?


I updated my account to Pro and is now able to attend meetings started by other Zoom accounts (Free and Pro) without any errors.
I do have a couple of other questions:
I created iframes on my web page, one for each meeting that I want to attend. (I’d rather embed the meetings in DIV containers or something but has not figured out how to do that.)

  1. Is the maximum number of meetings/iframes that I can attend/view based on my Pro account ? which is 100 ?
  2. I enabled Live Stream to facebook on a meeting and notice there is a lag of 30+ seconds between what is on facebook vs what is on the zoom client. Is there any way to remove the lag ?
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Hey @lrmpham,

Happy to hear you got it working! :slight_smile:

One Zoom user can only be in one meeting at a time.

The livestream delay is expected, and mentioned on our support docs: