Zoom API and "oneof" not valid

Is there an alternative or updated version of the Zoom API oas2 json? This is a follow-up to: Request, again, for a clean OpenAPI specification file

Unable to generate client code from the oas2 json on your Zoom api reference.

If there isn’t an alternative json, does anyone know a workaround using the current json?

This happens many times when parsing the file via editor swagger io (and is essentially same error when adding Open API reference in Visual Studio):

should NOT have additional properties additionalProperty: oneOf

How To Reproduce (If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Copy the content of the Zoom API oas2 json.
  2. Paste in editor at: editor swagger io – (won’t let me put in the link)
  3. Wait for it to finish parsing (takes a minute)

Hey @Tetley22,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Thank you for reporting this issue, it is a known problem that we have reported to internal resources. We’re working to improve the specification as soon as possible.

In the meantime, you can subscribe to updates at developers.zoom.us.


I would like the OpenAPI file to be fixed as well. The specification should be clean so we can use Swagger Editor to generate clients easily. Thank you @Tetley22 and @sendres for raising the issue and keeping after Zoom to fix this.

Thanks @Tetley22 for reopening a thread and @irinamessner for her support as well. My previous thread automatically closed a month after the last reply and I was starting to think I was the only person who cared. Let’s get this OpenAPI specification file fixed!

Hey @sendres and @irinamessner,

Thank you for expressing your need for a fix to the OpenAPI specification. We are working to release a fix for the specification as soon as possible.

I’ll be sure to update you here when a fix is released.


I found an article from 2017 on the zoom api ( Zoom API OpenAPI Specification | by Tim Slagle | Zoom Developer Blog | Medium ) which contains a valid openapi json ( https://raw.githubusercontent.com/zoom/api/master/openapi.v2.json ). Given the age of the article, not sure how much is out of date with the current api. But this version validates properly in swagger editor, and does not contain invalid references, like “oneof” (a 3.0 or greater only feature).

Hey @Tetley22,

Thank you for sharing! That version of the Open API specification is unfortunately out-of-date. I’ll see if we can update the article with the latest version. For now, you can find the latest version here.


Thanks for the reply Max, but the latest version is not valid. It supports swagger2.0, but contains “oneof” which is only valid in oas3.0 or greater.

Here is a post discussing this on stack overflow: yaml - oneOf in Swagger schema does not work - Stack Overflow

And here is the swagger documentation for “oneof”, which is valid in oas3.0 (not swagger 2.0): oneOf, anyOf, allOf, not

Edit: fixed the oas3.0 oneof link.

Hey @Tetley22,

Thank you for providing those resources! In the topic that you reference, I reached out to our documentation team to have the specification corrected. I’ve since reached out to them again to indicate there is even greater need for a corrected API specification.

I’ll update both threads when I have more information on when this will be fixed. (DEVELOPERS-1021)


Hi MaxM,
If you’re counting the number of requests to fix openAPI, please add me to that count! We’re finding it to be a bit of a showstopper.

I would like this to be fixed as well as an overall clean up of the OpenAPI spec provided by Zoom.

Thanks for following up on this @paul.kanalas and @Peacedotnik — this is still on our radar, and definitely understand how helpful this will be to address. We hope to have this fixed soon.


Hello, Max. I hope you and yours are well. We need to have Zoom to be fully Open API compliant as well as we have started using Microsoft Bookings (for our colleagues/clients to book time with Instructional Design Team). However, due to Zoom’s lack of fulll compatibility of Open API we cannot integrate Zoom with Microsoft Bookings (which obviously integrates with Microsoft Teams) which could potentially cause a shift in general to using Microsoft Teams instead of Zoom at our institution. I look forward to your response and Zoom’s update.

Best regards,


@brandon_taylor makes exactly my point when I kicked off the previous thread:

Our IT guys also rolled out Teams and I am fighting a daily battle so Zoom can defeat that platform. To win this, I need to automate stuff but I can’t because this file is nonconformant. I am losing the war.

Many of us are trying to block invasions from Microsoft Teams and need to use the Zoom API to reinvent features that exist natively in the MS ecosystem. The enemy is gaining ground every day this OpenAPI file is non-conformant.

Hey @brandon_taylor and @sendres,

Thank you for your valuable input, it’s helpful to hear more about how this issue is impacting you and how urgent this is. To be frank, I’m surprised this hasn’t been addressed yet.

Given such, I’ve reached back out to our documentation team and also involved further internal resources to get more attention to this issue.

I’m working to follow up on this topic tomorrow with a more significant update.


I’m happy to hear this might be getting more attention. To anyone who decides what needs fixing, I would say this is one of those things you can’t measure the benefit from.

Zoom won’t get some big, immediate increase in sales or customers that you can point to and tell the bosses, “See how much money we’re getting from fixing that API?”

Instead, when working rightly, the API will just make life better for the developers who need it. And then we can make cool things that end users will love. And then Zoom eventually benefits because Zoom makes them happy and other platforms don’t.

Thank you @brandon_taylor and @sendres for reminding us of this.

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Hey @irinamessner,

You make an excellent point that really hits at the core of what we are working to do here at Zoom and especially within our team.

Our Developer Support team is, as you might expect, comprised of developers that also understand the impact that a smooth implementation and development process can have on the adoption of a platform.

Everyday we work towards making our platform easier to use and more accessible for developers. Feedback like what has been provided in this topic is essential to staying on target. Thank you!

@sendres @brandon_taylor

As an update, I moved our internal ticket with our documentation team to a high priority based on the feedback here and have engaged a senior member of our documentation team. They confirmed they’ll have their team review the matter.

Of course, as soon as I see there is an update on that issue, I’ll update everyone here.


Hi Max, any update on this issue? Thanks.

It’s rather frustrating to see so many updates to the Zoom API and yet this issue remains unresolved.

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@Tetley22 @irinamessner

Thank you for following up. I can definitely understand how that can be frustrating and while I don’t have an update per se, I can assure you that this is top of mind for us. I met with our product and engineering team yesterday where we discussed changes to the Open API Specification.

We should see movement on this soon it just wasn’t something we were able to get to in the past. I appreciate your patience as we fix this. I hope to have this resolved soon as I agree this is an important part of a frictionless development platform.