Zoom API Chatbot Retrieve Current Message

Hi, I 'm currently working on a project where I would need a user to fill out something similar to a form in the chat. My initial thought was to send an interactive message (editable fields, selects and buttons) and then when the user felt done editing these fields, they could press a button and “submit”.
I noticed that there was a separate request for each changed thing such as, edit text field => Request containing information about ONLY the text field along with the ORIGINAL message.
I would like to have a button that sends the entire CURRENT message with all of the changed parameters and fields from the message. Is this possible in any way?
I was thinking to edit the ORIGINAL message by API as things changed but that seemed very unecessary as that would make a form of 4 fields and a submit button send 5 requests to Zoom (including sending the message).
Is this some feature that already exists that I have missed or is this something that could be added?
Thanks in advance