How to start zoom room using API

When I use the “ ” API call… the zoom room is created but how can we start zoom room using API.

Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum. You will want to call the Zoom Room Join a Meeting API to starts the meeting :

Let me know if this helps.


thankyou for your reply.
I tried to use{roomId}/meetings but it did not work.
here is my code
public function start($id)


    $path = 'rooms/'.$id.'/meetings';

    $url = $this->retrieveZoomUrl(); //

    $body = [

        'headers' => $this->headers,

        'body'    => json_encode([

            "jsonrpc"=> "2.0",

            "method"=> "join",

            'params'=> [

                "meeting_number" => "3657389592",

                "password"=> "693244",

                "force_accept"=> false,

                "callback_url"=> ""



        'verify' => false


    $response =  $this->client->post($url.$path, $body);


    return [

        'success' => $response->getStatusCode() === 204,



I tried to run the same code after opening the (start zoom rooms) Conference room app and I am able to join rooms. but what I want is to start zoom and join rooms only using API. is it possible to start zoom rooms without using the Conference zoom app.

Hi there @bipushrestha

It is not possible to start zoom rooms without using the Zoom app, you need to start the meeting using the Client.


thanks for the reply.
do we need to install the zoom room app in the host system only or do both clients and hosts have to install it?
and lastly, can you tell me how to get meeting_number from zoom rooms? for now, I have been using it manually.
thanks in advance.

Please see our support article for more details on getting started with Zoom Room and let us know if you have any questions or comments:

Programmatically, you can get the get meeting_number from zoom room via the Get Zoom Rooms details:

Let me know if this helps.


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