Zoom App and Team Chat App linking

We have created a Zoom App and a Teams Chat App for sending messages to users.

The Teams Chat App now allows us to create account or user level apps, we are using user level teams chat app.
We want to add/authorize the Teams Chat App when user adds the Zoom App but in documentation and apps configuration we didn’t find any way to link Zoom App and Teams Chat App so that we have implemented the our own logic to authorize the Teams Chat App just after successful authorization of Zoom App and that flow is working as expected.

The issue we are facing with the new “App Shortcut” feature in the Teams Chat App. We have configured the app shortcuts and able to use that and handled the commands on the shortcuts but we are unable to get the current logged in user information on endpoint called on App Shortcut click, we required the user id and account_id to auto logged in user in our Zoom App on shortcut click.

We are decoding the header “x-zoom-app-context” to get the information on the App shortcut click. Below is the decoded header data.

  theme: 'light',
  typ: 'chat',
  uid: 'CE1**Xm******',
  aud: 'Y9U********WUA',
  iss: 'marketplace.zoom.us',
  ts: 1682916856237,
  exp: 1682916976237,
  entitlements: [],
  sid: 'robot_********@xmpp.zoom.us',
  msgid: '{49****-BD79-****-8A5D-6D2C*****22}',
  tid: '{4*****0B-BD79-****-8A5D-6D*****22}',
  of: 'messageShortcut',
  actid: 'command1',
  aid: 'command1',
  chid: 'robot_********@xmpp.zoom.us'

The details are all related to Teams Chat App

How can we get the Zoom client logged user information on Teams Chat “App shortcut” click or any way to link Zoom app and Teams chat app?


@Joyeconnect ,

Thank you for raising this.

The value of the “uid” field is indeed the user_id. For accountId, here is what I am doing…
When someone invokes the bot (with the / command), Zoom sends a bot_notification event. In the payload for that event, you should be able to get the accountId of the user.

Does this answer your question?

Hi @ojus.zoom

Thanks for your response.

Yes, that helps us and now we are using the uid to look up the user in our database.
But regarding the account Id we are not clear about the bot_notification event as we are currently using the endpoint url configured in the “Display on Zoom Client” under the feature tab below App Shortcuts to handle the app shortcuts click.

Appreciate if you can clarify on the below concern too:
Whenever a user clicks on the app shortcut it opens up a new popup and we have configured a frontend url (ex. https://www.zjoye.ai) that opens up in that popup but what we have observed every time when a user clicks on a shortcut it starts as a fresh session without remembering the last session data, mainly we need the local storage data saved.

Actually we have some features dependent on the local storage data to display some intro screens in our app and on shortcut click we don’t have the local storage every time when the user opens the app through a shortcut it displays the intro screens.

Is there any way to deal with that case, except maintaining the intro screen flag in the db :slight_smile: ?