Zoom App Deep Link gets lost in Login flow

When a user clicks on a zoom apps api generated deeplink, if the user has closed or signed out of Zoom, they have to re-login, in which case my zoom app does not load.

Steps to Reproduce:

  1. Quit Zoom
  2. Generate a DeepLink
  3. Click DeepLink in browser
    *. Zoom opens, and presents login form
  4. Click the Google Auth
    *. Zoom does Oauth and you are logged in
    ISSUE: zoom app is not loaded.

Any workarounds?

Hi Chris,

For now, this is expected behavior. You should also experience the same behavior if the user simply leaves the meeting, and then comes back via the deeplink (iow they stay logged in).

We are working on it - one solution in the works is to allow meeting owners to ‘pin’ apps to their meeting to open on join.