Zoom Mobile (iOS) - App does not reload after deep linking

Hi, we are currently testing our app on Zoom Mobile, and we noticed that the app does not auto-reload after being redirected back to Meeting or Panel from deep links.

After clicking on Open, I am redirected back to our App on Zoom Apps, but the app does not auto reload. This issue only happens on the Mobile Client (iOS) - the app does auto reload after deep link on the Desktop Client.

Could you help check if this is a bug?

Welcome, @so-young,

Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. When you say the App does not auto-reload, are you talking about your Zoom App? If so, may I ask what is the intended user experience you are looking to implement? I am looking to understand the impact the auto-reloading behavior has on the intended user experience.

@donte.zoom Thank you for your response. Here is the intended user behavior:

In order to let users authenticate via SSO, we open a new page from our app in Zoom where they can sign in via SSO, and we redirect them back to our app in Zoom via deep linking. When they are redirected back to our app in Zoom from the deep link, we expected our app in Zoom to auto reload (as it does on the Desktop Client), but it does not auto reload on the Mobile client (iOS). Since it does not reload, user still sees that they are not authenticated until manual refresh.


Thank you for the additional details, @so-young! Can you also share what parameters you are including in the URL? We’d like to know how you handle your application’s deep linking. We can inspect and provide more personalized guidance if you can share a video reproducing the behavior along with the code snippet handling the deep link flow.