Zoom App for webinar does not work on mobile

We have developed and published a Zoom App that can be used for both meetings and webinars.
This app works fine if we send an invitation to it to a participant who is attending a meeting on a PC.

For mobile compatibility, we enabled Mobile Client from the Zoom App Marketplace settings and invited participants who joined the meeting on mobile to use the app, which worked fine as well.
On the other hand, when the invitation is made in a webinar, the participant is not notified and the app is not available.
This test was performed on multiple Android devices, none of which worked; however, it worked when the participant joined the webinar from a PC.

Can you please tell us how to activate the app for participants attending the webinar from their mobile devices?

Hello @StrartsDev

Mobile for webinars is not implemented. We will need to add to the roadmap but do not have a timeline at the moment.


Hi @yoon.conner

Thank you for your response.

I understand about the roadmap.
Since a certain number of our webinar guests are coming from mobile, we would appreciate it if you could prioritize implementing the functionality as soon as possible.

Thank you for this feedback!
I have shared this information with the appropriate team.


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