Zoom app publication status

Hi @elisa.zoom ,

wanted to kindly request an update for an app pending publication that has passed functional review.

Thank you!

Hello @zoomdevelop the App was recently rejected on March 28th, but it looks like all the comments have been resolved, can you please resubmit the Zoom Integration so we can confirm everything is completed and move it on to the next step.

Regards, Kwaku

Hello Sorry about that you are correct its currently undergoing the security review, please give us till friday if there are no issues there should be an approval to publish, if any issues are pointed out they will reach out to you directly.

Regards, Kwaku


It was submitted on March 29th and added to the security queue on the Monday the 3rd of April, in this situation 72 hour SLA has been meet because an update was provided you were approved for the next step and our SLA only includes work days which are Monday - Friday only. In this situation the best option would be to let the let the security review complete which usually takes a week even with expediting. Even though testing was completed functionally all of these security docs and functionality has to be confirmed via the security review so in retrospect there could be a number of issues that could be pointed out during a security review, I never stated it has completed security review I stated it was still going through security review.

Recently I installed the Zoom app, and I had a brilliant experience doing a meeting for our gathering the discussion of skateboarding, and the guide related to it. But one thing as a beginner I have faced is creating the meeting link. It has taken all the time to generate only the link. I don’t know whether I’m doing mistakes or it is difficult to generate the meeting link.