Zoom app users should have zoom account?

When the user executes the zoom app during the meeting, the other users (clients) should have a zoom account to participate?

It is a bit of issue, since my clients are mainly primary school students who don’t have zoom account. They just receive the link to join the remote class.

Is there any way I can settle this issue?


Hi @lenayoo

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum, I am happy to help here!
Are you developing an app for the students or are you using our Zoom Client?
Learn more about those kind of concerns here:


Hi Elisa,

Thank you for your reply.
My company is considering developing an app which is currently provided as a web service. Students are mainly public primary school students who don’t usually have zoom accounts.

Hey there,
I was about to say the same when any Clients or teacher executes the zoom app during meeting the other user clients buyer or Students have a necessary an account to participate in the meeting I have been facing problem. Visit here

Hi @lenayoo
Thanks for sharing more details with me. So your company might be looking into embedding Zoom into their Web page. You can find the documentation here

Combined with our APIs you will be able to create meetings and have students logging in without zoom accounts

Hope this helps!

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