Zoom App - Waiting Room Queue Management

I’m wondering if anyone knows if there is any app or way to see when a person has joined the waiting room queue.

I am wanting to run a virtual front desk where a number of my employees can be placed into breakout rooms, and have the employees move customers from the Waiting Room queue into their breakout room when they are ready to see the customer. However, the issue is that Zoom does not show what time a participant has joined the Waiting Room, therefore we don’t know what place in queue each participant is in. In the past, we have had an employee act as a ‘host’ that would keep track on a word document of when each participant joined the waiting room, and moved the waiting room participant into the waiting room. However, we want to eliminate this extra ‘host’, and have a way each of the breakout room employees can see in real time when a participant exactly joined the queue. Is there such a way, or app, to do this?

Hi @skzoom,

We do have a webhook event for when a participant joins a waiting room:

Let me know if this helps,

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