Zoom Apps (aka Zapps)

Hi, Zoom Community. I’m a product manager at GanttPRO.com and right now I’m trying to evaluate an opportunity of creating an integration between our products.

While there is enough information about existing Zoom’s app marketplace, there is literarily nothing about featured “Zapps”.

Eventually, I’ve found a couple of mentions of “Zapps” and some public information in the Zoom’s blog then I’ve faced this page https://zoom.us/docs/en-us/zoom-apps.html and figured out how does it work.

So, my question is where could I find additional information about this kind of integration and any API docs?
Btw, Is there any chance to jump in the first wave of participants?

Hey @enterval,

Here are the available “Zoom Apps” (formally named Zapps) resources:

We will be releasing Zoom Apps documentation once it is publicly available.