Zapps Publicly Availability Timeline

After the Zoomtopia announcements about Zapps, we are extremely excited about building one. What is the process to gain access and begin developing on the new Zapp platform?


The announcement says that the launch partner Zapps will be available toward the end of the year, with other developers then being able to get started shortly thereafter. so I’m guessing late this year into early 2021 is when we’ll be able to get going.

My team is also super-excited to get started. Our software is a perfect fit for an in-meeting Zapp and our customers have been begging for that kind of functionality. We had to build a stopgap solution with the Web SDK and we’ve also been looking at doing something with Zoom’s native SDKs.

Hopefully Zoom is able to open this up to more developers sooner than their announced timeline.

Hey @johnkeck, @davem,

We are very excited about Zapps! You can see more information about Zapps here:

To request Developer related info for Zapps, please fill out this form:


Hi Tommy,

Thank you for the above insights.

When can we expect more details about actually developing an app - like what languages can we use? Will we need to use a specific development environment etc?

Many Thanks

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Hey @Toby-S,

Those are all good questions, and will be addressed once we publish the documentation. :slight_smile:

We will keep you updated! :slight_smile:


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Hi @Tommy,

Just checking in to see if there are any new updates in terms of when the documentation regarding Zapp Development (for those outside of the early access partners) will be available.

The Zapps integration is going to be pretty game changing for us so we’re quite eager to be able to get started. Anything you can share would be much appreciated.


  • John

Hey @johnpytel,

Thanks for sharing your interest in Zapps! :slight_smile:

Have you filled out the developer interest form yet?

If so, we will send you the documentation when it becomes publicly available.


@Tommy yes I have filled out the form.

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Thanks @johnpytel! :slight_smile:


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