Zoom apps is not loading in mobile

I have created an app in zoom using zoom app-sdk, It is working fine in desktop client but when I am trying to open the same on my android mobile, It is showing blank page.

On the Features page, under Device Features, I have enable Mobile Client, but still showing blank page.

Please help me on this issue.


Thanks for posting in the Zoom Developer forum. To start, can you share a screenshot of what you are seeing in the Desktop Client and Mobile?

Hi @donte.zoom

My app was loading fine in desktop client till day before yesterday, but not sure why it is throwing below error when I opened it from yesterday, below is the error

In network tab, below header is there

Could you please help me to fix this error on priority, after that will check on mobile issue.

I am using react.js to build the app

@reyaz.ahmed ,

Can you provide details of any changes you’ve made and how you’re serving your app? Please note, Zoom Apps don’t support localhost and must use https. Remember to update the generated URL in the Marketplace and in your Application .env file whenever you restart, as the Ngrok URL does not persist. Additionally, have you compared your implementation with a sample to identify any differences?

Hi @donte.zoom
I have not made any changes in the code, even when I am deploying my previous version of the code now, it is showing same error.
I have build my react app using npm run build and then deployed it to apache server, I am not using localhost.