Zoom Apps SDK Missing Features (Send Chat/Broadcast Message, OnAudio&Video Change)

There is noo possibility to send a Zoom Meeting Chat message or send a Breakout Room Broadcast message on the Zoom Apps SDK. Also, there is only the possibility to get the audio or video state, but there is not event raised when the state changes. Is there any reason for it? Are these methods planned for any future release?

Thanks in advance!

As the In-Meeting Chat APIs have been deprecated I’m not aware of plans to return those APIs at this time. If you’re looking to manage breakout rooms with the Zoom Apps SDK I recommend submitting a feature request.

You can try using the onMyMediaChange() event to determine when audi or video state changes

Thank you so much for the reply Max. The onMyMediaChange seems to be the way to go for these notifications. I not looking to control breakout rooms, just being able to send a broadcast message. And do you know the reason why no chat features will be enabled on the future?