Can "@zoomus/websdk" be used inside of a Zoom App installable within the Zoom Client (alongside "@zoom/appssdk")?


We’re developing a Zoom App installable within the Zoom Client. I understand that @zoom/appssdk is meant for this kind of app.

Is it possible to use Zoom Meeting SDK or Zoom Video SDK inside of a Zoom App app?
Is it possible to access audio streams or onUserActiveAudioChange events within a Zoom App?
Are there any workarounds we should consider?

Thank you!

Currently, it is not possible because we don’t offer MediaDevice browser APIs. However, one way to use Zoom Meeting SDK and Zoom App together is by implementing a Meeting Bot. Here is our documentation on this :

Yes, you can access Media Streams with Zoom Apps Meeting Bot as well:

onMyActiveSpeakerChange :

Notifies Zoom App when the current user starts or stops speaking.

It’s difficult to anticipate workarounds without understanding your use case and implementation approach. Please feel free to any additional details you think will be helpful.


Thank you, this answered all our questions!