Zoom asking for sign in always

We just bought a zoom subscription and currently integrating it in our system. We are opening zoom sessions in iframe inside browser, like this:
https ://zoom.us/wc/442099733/join?prefer=1&un=SnVtbWEgQmhhcmFkaWE=

Last week zoom is working fine for us. Some how from 1 to 2 days zoom is redirecting us to the login screen while joining meeting. We are creating meeting Id through back end Api’s of zoom. Just want to know from your end if zoom has done some changes for joining meeting sessions. Kindly let us know.Thankyou.

zoom is redirecting to the login screen while joining meeting. Image for Reference is attached.

Our account username is: Juma.bharadia@m-hospital.org

we are using windows 10 as operating system and chrome as browser.

Hey @juma.bharadia,

The Zoom Web Client now requires login.


I understand this is a security measure, and that it should default to the highest possible security settings, but
is there going to be an option to allow anonymous joining in our account settings?

Hi @nolan.hutwelker,

We are looking for different options to allow anonymous users within the account settings, nothing is set stone as of yet but we will make an announcement of any changes here and within our developer change log[1]. Please stay tuned.

1 - https://marketplace.zoom.us/docs/changelog


Thanks for the heads up. Have a nice day!

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Happy to help! :slight_smile:



Would you please take a look at the minutes from 13:35 till 14:35 in this video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=smlCiQKQufA

And explain how he could join the meeting without signing in to the client?

I desperately tried to start meetings within my Moodle browser following the guide of LTI integration! but all ended in the sign-in page.

Any help is most appreciated.

Best regards,

Hey @platform,

I would encourage using the Zoom App. If you want, you can show the join from browser link right away:


I have this option enabled!

Does the following options affects our case?