Zoom Audio and video not working with zoom SDK 1.6.0


I have integrated zoom react application with angular 7 application.After joining zoom meeting and click on “Join Audio By computer” , in microphone options i am not able to see options under Select Micro phone and select speaker to select default options. and unable to get audio and video after build.

Which version?

Audio options not available after build.

Audio options are available in local

Additional context
While running from local application audio is working but after build in server audio and video are not working.Once participant click on video icon, it is giving “Cannot detect your camera, please check the device and connection and try again” even though participant has tested micro phone and video at https://zoom.us/test


Hey @sowjanya.narra, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

May I ask what browser you are using? Here is the supported browsers list.

Also is your server secured via https?


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Hey @tommy , thanks for the reply.

I am using chrome browser version 77.0 , and our site is not running with https.
But when we were using zoom 1.3.5 version , audio and video were working fine without Https.

Is it mandatory for our site to secure with https to work with latest version of zoom?

Hey @sowjanya.narra,

Yes please try using https.