Zoom Auth with Java Spring Boot

Hi, I am trying to integrate Zoom with our app. We are using Angular and Java Spring Boot. Since, it is suggested to make calls from backend I am sending get request to "
" with correct request parameters. This endpoint returns me an html page as code and does not open it. I have searched in this forum and also on internet, but I could not find any example or guide about it. Can you please help me about the oauth process?


Welcome to the Zoom Developer Forum! I am happy to help here. To begin, can you share the snippet of code used to handle the OAuth flow for your application? Also, please provide a description of your application’s OAuth workflow.

I’m also facing the same issue, its redirecting to sign-on page, not giving me the code

@khoros-webinar-2 ,

Happy to help, @khoros-webinar-2 ! To begin, can you share the snippet of code used to handle the OAuth flow in your application?

@donte.zoom My usecase is little diferrent from this, created a separate ticket with proper details → Unable to Join Zoom meeting through ZoomMtg.join() , Getting Signature is expired

Please help

@khoros-webinar-2 ,

Thanks for the tag – happy to help here. As a first step, can you take a look at Troubleshooting Meeting SDK signature validation post , it includes common problems and troubleshooting steps for SDK JWT issues.

If that does help, please let me know as I am always happy to help.

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Thanks for sharing the resource.

I’m stuck for quite some time and mostly looked into all of them.

In the examples I see JWT token for Meeting SDK requires SDK type APP to be created, but our use case goes with server-to-server app type, so If u have any example of using Meeting SDK with Server-to-server app , please share.

You can not authorize the Meeting SDK with Server-to-Server App. The server-to-server app grants access to Zoom Rest APIs, not the Meeting SDK.


To authorize the Meeting SDK, you will need to create a Meeting SDK Marketplace App type:


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