Zoom basic example and Apache server


I would like to serve my Zoom App from my Shared Hosting Space which does not support Node. The only chance is to use the Apache server.

Unfortunately the Basic Zoom App example (GitHub - zoom/zoomapps-sample-js: A Hello World Zoom App built with Vanilla JS) is designed using express.js as a server.

Are there any examples available serving an App from an Apache server?

Can you share what host you’re planning to use?

In many cases, there isn’t an easy way to get the Basic Zoom App working from a shared server running Apache.

If you have access to PHP you re-create the application using PHP. For example, you can change the headers that your application sends and recreate the OWASP header implementation of that app.

However, if you are only able to serve HTML and CSS from that host then there isn’t a way to set up a Zoom App as you would need root-level access to the Apache config.

Another method would be to create a reverse proxy between Apache and Node but unfortunately, this would also require root access to the Apache configuration.

Depending on the host you’re using and what is available to your account the answer can vary here.

It’s a typical PHP, no shell access server, limited configuration possible through .htaccess (Webhosting Tarif ALL-INKL PRIVAT PLUS - ALL-INKL.COM, German only, sorry). The kind where you host WordPress and Nextcloud. No way to run node applications.

The App is a side project, free of charge and interesting to only a few people so I want to keep the running costs as low as possible and use the available server.

I already thought that I have to reproduce parts of the application in PHP but hoped I had not to re-invent the wheel and somebody else has already created some basics.

Is there any information available besides the example applications? Of course I can extract the needed data from my locally working example but any additional information is welcome.

And yes, there will be a blog post if I succeeded :wink:


Hi @latz

There are plenty of companies out there that will host a small node (express server) application for free. Check out render.com and fly.io

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@latz I think using a node host with the Basic Sample App is the quickest way to get up and running here and should still be low cost as @chrisewald mentioned

I think I’m going with a free node hosting option for the time being (vercel and cyclic seem to be good options, too).

Nevertheless I will still try to get the app running with a PHP backend since I’m a fan of self hosting (you’l never know if they cut down the free plan, heroku is a current example) and I think that the threshold for creating an app is lower if people can use their familiar PHP environment on the server side.

Thank you.

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I’m glad that helped! I look forward to the blog post!