Zoom callerid param not working on android devices

I am Initiating Zoom phone call from web browser using hyperlink where I have a use case. I need to pass calIerid parameter in the URI scheme to initiate outgoing call from zoom user’s custom/group number instead of the assigned zoom number. So the callerid parameter is mandatory (see here).


The above URI scheme works from desktop web app and in iOS devices but when I use the same from web android it opens the zoom app but says invalid phone number however zoomphonecall:+XXXX this works fine in all devices.

Is there any work around for this ?

Hi @irealunknown27 I think this may be a bug as we have another customer reporting this whereas our tech and service engineering team says this is unexpected behavior.

Can you please open up a support ticket with this issue? Share your account id, this thread, and screenshots of the behavior.