Zoom chat API integration with Angular 5


Is there any possible to integrate Zoom chat API with angular 5. If it is possible give me the solutions.


Hi Viswanathan, 

Our v2 Zoom Chat API, should be available in August. Also, our API’s are Agnostic to any platform or framework. 



Is the new v2 Zoom Chat API already available? Where can i find information how to use it?


Hi Sander, 

Yes our v2 Zoom Chat API is available. You can find more information about it using our Chat bot Guide and our Chat Apis.



Hi Michael, 

Thanks for your answer. It is not quiet what i’am looking for. Is it possible to integrate chat in a web page like we can do with voice or video? I can’t find a chat control as part of the zoom-web-sdk https://zoom.github.io/zoom-sdk-web/Zoommtg.html.

I see you have chat support in your zoom browser client. So it must be possible.



Hi Sander, 

Currently, chat is only available within the Zoom client, our chat JSSDK within web page has a tentative release date during our October release.