Zoom-Chat Bot Receives Webhook Five times. Just started

Our apps, which have been running for some time suddenly started receiving each webhook request five times.
Each are processed and the responses show correctly in Zoom, but we receive another just afterwards.
All the “message_id” values are the same for the five.


Looks like is started November 6th.

@frank.cernese are you sending a 200 OK response back to zoom when you receive the event?

Seems… we are not. Obvious mistake . Not sure how we got away with it for so long.

Hi @frank.cernese I would like to investigate this…
Can you send the details received in the webhooks minus the PII?

  "event": "bot_notification",
  "payload": {
    "accountId": "xxxxxxxx",
    "channelName": "xxxxxxx",
    "cmd": "xxxxxxx",
    "robotJid": "v18zkwdhx3reasmrtwfabu7w@xmpp.zoom.us",
    "timestamp": 1699540947184,
    "toJid": "dd8ef5b8e92d4473bfb66a6cfdb6845f@conference.xmpp.zoom.us",
    "triggerId": "db4sDzn4T1y24O7EQiWLUQ",
    "userId": "LbkGRvZQQMSrkeBF1QNuvw",
    "userJid": "lbkgrvzqqmsrkebf1qnuvw@xmpp.zoom.us",
    "userName": "Frank Cernese"

@frank.cernese are you still facing this?

Adding a 200 OK resolved the issue.

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