Zoom client corrupted after duplicate session

Video SDK Type and Version
@zoom/videosdk: “1.7.7”,

Our tester has pointed out that when the user is in the meeting, they duplicate the tab and go to meeting again.

(Capture.PNG - Google Drive)

In this situation, the user from the first tab immediately corrupted ( Not throw any error but the render error )
Can not perform any action ( every function will throw error: type ‘IMPROPER_MEETING_STATE’ and reason “closed” ).

Troubleshooting Routes
I tried handling from the Client event on “user-added” but can only solve the problem after the user attempts to enter the meeting once more while already in there.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:
*1. User join session
*2. Duplicate the joined tab session
*3. Created session again
*4. Back to previous tab and see it corrupted ( image )

Same error as the Video sdk demo

Hi @trananhvan1102vn ,

What browser + browser version are you seeing this issue in? Could you also try updating to the Video SDK version 1.7.10 and see if the issue still occurs?


Hi @rehema.zoom ,

I have tested in 2 latest versions in Edge and 1 latest version in Chrome, this error happens when a user tries to duplicate the session ( same signature ) in the same browser, different tabs.

The problem is when the user performs this action, there is no error being thrown, can not catch any event on Zoom Client and only the render look like when the user leaves the room.

This error also happens in the Video SDK demo ( 1.7.10 ).


I appreciate all the help and comments.


Hey @trananhvan1102vn

It’s a VSDK restriction. Cannot duplicate the same session on the same browser with different tabs.

If you need to add more users, try another browser or use incognito mode.


Hi @vic.yang ,

Unfortunately, this is not an intentional action.

The problem is that when a user may attempt to do this, I can not find any solution to prevent or handle this error, the user only sees the corrupted render and can not use any function.


Hey @trananhvan1102vn


We will fix it in the next release. Listen to the connection-change event, and you will receive the state: "Closed" payload in the above scenario.


Hey @trananhvan1102vn

We cannot prevent the duplicate tab action, but we can prompt the user the session is closed by his action and let the user navigate to the new tab.


I have tried to listen to the connection-change event and user-removed to direct the user to a specific page or prompt them to the new tab. But still, there is nothing I can receive from these events so can not perform any action to guide the user out.

Tried to get current user info, but it return undefined. This scenario looks the same as when call leave room in the demo.

Thanks for supporting.


Hey @trananhvan1102vn

The fix is not ready now. It will be in the Video SDK Web 1.8.0.

Please stay tuned.


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