Zoom Demo App Invalid Signature Error

With regards to one of the previous threads Invalid Signature, I would like to understand if this issue is resolved with new releases. We are new to ZOOM Web SDK’s and we do have tight timelines with implementation, and we ended up with the same exact error as reported in old threads.

To Reproduce(If applicable)
Steps to reproduce the behavior:

  1. Clone the ZOOM CDN demo project.
  2. yarn install
  3. Replace the API_SECRET and API_KEY in index.js file.
  4. yarn start.

The server will open and give the valid meeting number and meeting password, a new tab will open with error “Signature is invalid”. Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Hey @mohdsalmanper,

Thank you for reaching out to the Zoom Developer Forum. Please provide the signature that you’re using when you get this error and I’ll investigate this further.


Could you please help me understand where I can get the signature. I just downloaded the project and updated the api_secret and api_key. I found the example GitHub - zoom/websdk-sample-signature-node.js: Genrerate a signature to Start and Join Meetings and Webinars with the Zoom Web SDK., will give a try and let you know.

Thanks @mohdsalmanper !

You can also reference our documentation for instructions on how to generate the Web SDK signature:


Thank you for sharing the link, I am good for now, I don’t see option to close this query. Please close it on my behalf if possible.

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Hey @mohdsalmanper ,

Happy to help! :slight_smile: I will close this topic for you.


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