ZOOM deny my from creating multiple simultaneously instant meetings between different users

I have a medical app that allows a doctor to talk with a patient. I need to use ZOOM as a solution because I need to support audio and video calls and enable a sharing screen option. I’m facing an issue when I create a meeting URL and both the doctor and the patient start the call then I can’t generate another meeting URL for another party as the API return “The host has another meeting in progress”.

Currently, I have an endpoint that creates the meeting URL and authenticates using the JWT token and I do not want to create a zoom account for each new app user.

Thank you.

Hey @topmax2005,

Can you confirm which URL you’re using for having your users start/join?

To clarify, your host should be starting the meeting use the start_url, while your patient/meeting participant should be using the join_url returned by our Create Meeting API response.


Hey @will.zoom,

Yes i’m using the start_url to start the meeting and join_url for the participant. But when I generate the second meeting Url I received “the host has another meeting in progress” when I open the start_url.


Hey @topmax2005,

Thanks for clarifying—so are you trying to host more than one meeting at the same time, using the same host? If so, I should clarify that this is not possible. You will need to have unique hosts for meetings that are occurring at the same time.

Let me know if this is the case—thanks!

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