[Zoom Developer Forum] [Mobile Client SDK/iOS] What is the best way to use zoom while working on Xamarin?

@Michael_Condon Hi this is Tushar…thanks for you last feedback it was helpful…I want to use create meeting api directly inside my xamarin iOS app so do I need to follow all the step like
1.Client access I’d and secret I’d from zoom market place Oauth documentation
2.Get access token and refresh access token
3.Get user details
4.Using user id from there then I can create a zoom meeting then?

@Michael_Condon System.IdentityModel.Tokens.Jwt can I use this nuget package to validate the JWT zoom token?
Restsharp too?

Hey @tushars,

If the user is on your Zoom account you can use the key and secret in your “JWT app” tile in the Zoom Marketplace. From there you can access the users details through the API.

If the user is not on your Zoom account you will have to use the OAuth process you mentioned above and then you could create a meeting for that user.

For further questions about the API I would suggest starting a thread in the #api-and-webhooks section of the forum :slight_smile:


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