Zoom Domain Verify

Hey I have a question on how to validate the domain address. Is the goal to have a route that serves the verifyzoom.html file at domain/zoomverify/verifyzoom.html?

Yes, if your goal is to validate a domain address by serving the verifyzoom.html file at domain/zoomverify/verifyzoom.html, you would need to create a route on your web server that maps the URL domain/zoomverify/verifyzoom.html to the location of the verifyzoom.html file on your server.

Depending on your web server and the technology stack you are using, the exact steps to create the route may vary. However, in general, you would need to create a configuration file or modify an existing one to include the route. The configuration file would typically specify the URL pattern to match (domain/zoomverify/verifyzoom.html) and the file path to the verifyzoom.html file on your server.

Once the route is set up, you can then use a domain verification service (such as Zoom) to validate your domain address by checking for the presence of the verifyzoom.html file at the URL domain/zoomverify/verifyzoom.html.

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