Zoom Download link Retrieved from Server to Server not working

Hey I am trying to get all user cloud Recordings using server to server app i am able to retrieve all recording links without any issue but when i try to click on the download link it redirects me to the error page “Download has been disabled by the administrator (200)” Any idea whats the issue?

Hi @shettyhardik2001 , this is a permissions issue. Please reach out to your account admin that has assigned your particular role and confirm the cloud recording settings as well: https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115001078646-Using-role-management

Also double check that you are logged into the correct user on the web portal?

While we were using JWT we were able to download all recordings directly without any changes. Now we have to get links from using S2S and use download link and download it! but this is a risk as anyone with the link can download the Files. is there any way to bypass it?

Hi @shettyhardik2001 , JWT arguably offers more indiscriminate access than S2S.

For S2S, in order to retrieve and access the download link via S2S, the person querying the endpoint would need to be adequately assigned via role and have access to S2S credentials to generate an access token for the API endpoint. You can ensure only those you want downloading is assigned to do so.

Alternatively with JWT, if someone had the access token, they’d be able to access all endpoints regardless of user role and permissions.

Does that clarify things?