Require signin to download recordings by download url

Hi, I’m attempting to download the recording from the download_url that is provided in the " GET

/meetings/{meetingId}/recordings" API. This download url in this format [{identifier}].

But “Require password to access shared cloud recordings” flag is ON in recording settings of user. I’ve tried using a valid JWT token by below format
[{identifier}?access_token=<access_token>]. But still I got Unautherized Error(status code-401).

Please let me know any solution.

I attached scopes of my app as screenshot.

Hey @shashwat, thanks for posting and using Zoom!

Can you Private Message me your account id, recording url, and Zoom App client ID?


Hey @tommy,

Thanks for reply.

sorry, now I can’t share those details with you. Meanwhile you can check recording-settings of user whose recordings, I trying to download.

Please Find Attachment.

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Hey @shashwat,

Thanks for sharing your settings.

To confirm, are you using A JWT Token from a JWT App as the value for the ?access_token={{JWT TOKEN}} query param to download the recordings?