Zoom Electron SDK

I am using https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-electron sdk to develop a windows application. Can i develop a application which don’t required to download external app for zoom while meeting. Also can i make some changes in the exsiting zoom video communication window (Video area) using electrons sdk or i need to use windows sdk

Hi Harminder,

  1. if you integrated with Zoom SDK, you don’t need to download Zoom client.

  2. could I know what customization do you want? Currently Zoom Meeting UI supports hide buttons.


Hi ,

We required some changes in interface like branding changes. we want to use our own applications name as title.
Second we want to enhances the polling feature by with our custom questions. with equations and images. 


I am also willing to ask few questions regarding the zoom Mac Application using the electron sdk. We have our own application for mac and windows platform which will be developed using electron. Please help how can we use this zoom for mac with this. 

Hi Harminder,

we are still adding API functions to Electron Windows SDK. The request you purposed: change branding and more polling features is very import. We will support to change branding in the next release.

Mac Electron framework is currently on our roadmap and We will keep you posted!



If you guys can also help me how can i call the zoom application form my mac electron app this will also help me in some way till we get a electron release for mac app. 

Hi ,

Following are more details about the customization we required. 

  - We required to re-brand the solution under the name Physics.live we already have a paid account for this. If it can be possible by  few  setup methods. Please share the details  

  - For polling we want to send the poll question from our moodle backend. That have a question bank which also contains Equations and Diagrams. We do also need custom analytics for that purpose. 


Hi Harminder,

we recently update the Electron SDK, please get it @ https://github.com/zoom/zoom-sdk-electron/releases

For your request 1, you can replace the app.ico and the “fte_Logo.png” file under “demo” folder to change the app icon.


Hi Sir,

I will try the changes that you have recommended on windows app. will update you on that. 

Please suggest us for the Mac App. How can we integrate the Zoom in website so it open the Zoom.us app on mack


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