Zoom error when creating a Zoom meeting on the website

I manage a Zoom account that is part of a Master account. The Zoom meetings occur on our website.
It’s a WordPress website with a Zoom plugin. While the site used JWT keys everything worked flawlessly.
I created the OAuth server app, and the SDK app, as it is suggested in the documentation.
After installing the new keys (SDK and OAuth), when I create a new meeting on the website I get an error message:
Zoom Error: Invalid access token, does not contain scopes: [meeting:write, meeting:write:admin].
If I create the meeting on the Zoom account page (not on the website itself) it works. I mean, activating the meeting from the Zoom account page works as expected, but not on the website.
I am lost and don’t know how to overcome this issue. Your help will be much appreciated. Thank you in advance.


For server-to-server OAuth app, you need to select scopes. In your case, it seems that you haven’t selected the correct Admin scopes or the user (App owner) does not have access to create meetings on behalf of the other user.


thank you for your reply. I checked the scopes, and I found out that the OAuth app has the admin scopes selected, though the SDK app is not showing the meeting:admin:write option. Is that possible that one app (OAuth) has full permissions, but the SDK app does not? Is the SDK app responsible for the failure?