Zoom for Government Support for Meetings SDK

Our organization, along with many other government agencies, faces difficulties in effectively integrating custom applications and workflows into the Zoom for Government platform. The current limitation on Meetings SDK access impedes our ability to create tailored solutions for secure, compliant, and efficient communication and collaboration with other agencies.

Does Zoom have plans to include Zoom for Government in the Meeting SDK or create a new Mobile SDK for Government accounts?

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Would be great to get an ETA from Zoom on incorporating this feature in the SDK or whether there are any ways to handle Zoom Gov meetings via SDK currently.

@elisa.zoom can you provide an availability update here for Zoom for Government Meetings SDK? We believe we have heard sometime this year, it would be so wonderful it if was available within the next few weeks. Can you clarify what the security requirements will be for being authorized for this SDK, any layer beyond the non-gov app review process? Getting this information now will help us advance and prepare appropriately to meet these requirements. Thank you!

@shariq.torres adding you to the thread re: security, privacy attestation, and related requirements for Zoom for Government Meetings SDK. As you were able to provide helpful information on this topic for another SDK. Would appreciate a referral to another point of contact if this question is misdirected to you. Thank you!

Erin, let me get with the PMs and I’ll get an answer for you.

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Erin, so the Meeting SDK is available right now to ZfG customers but it can only be used for private use within an account. We’re still building out the processes for the public apps. I’m sorry but I don’t have a concrete deadline to share with you.

But do know that the PMs/engineers are working on this and know that this is something that you all want.