Zoom For Government - Not support start meeting via tokens

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Meeting SDK Type and Version
Zoom for Government (zoomgov.com)
Web Meeting SDK 2.15.0

This all works perfectly on Zoom.us; a new client is using ZoomGov.com and after changing the URLs based on what we’ve found in the forums most things seem to be working such as OAuth and creating meetings with the API. However joining meetings is throwing the error Not support start meeting via tokens


Object {
     method: "join",
     status: false, 
     result: "Not support start meeting via tokens", 
     errorMessage: "Token error", 
     errorCode: 3265 

Troubleshooting Routes
I’ve tried removing the zak token and then I get a different error Meeting Number not Found.

How To Reproduce
Steps to reproduce the behavior including:

  1. Auth a user with OAuth via Zoom For Gov.
  2. Create a meeting with api.zoomgov.com
  3. Get a user’s zak token with the GetAUserToken endpoing sending the zak token type.
  4. Google Chrome 125.0.6422.142 (Official Build) (64-bit)
  5. Firefox Developer 128.0b1 (64-bit)

Join Config

    "sdkKey": "XXX Can be supplied in DM",
    "signature": "eyJhbGciOiJIUzI1NiIsInR5cCI6IkpXVCJ9.eyJhcHBLZXkiOiI1ck0wVXNlMVNaS3FGcnJiY2dzVmciLCJzZGtLZXkiOiI1ck0wVXNlMVNaS3FGcnJiY2dzVmciLCJtbiI6IjE2MTkzOTMwNTYiLCJyb2xlIjoiMSIsImlhdCI6MTcxODczNDU0MSwiZXhwIjoxNzE4NzM4MTQxLCJ0b2tlbkV4cCI6MTcxODczODE0MX0.LUcy_f-2uHgNTY61M0SxGRbLQyUfhvd8JNZJQDojVf8",
    "meetingNumber": "1619393056",
    "passWord": "LXAOoY#xG5",
    "userName": "Test User",
    "zak": "eyJ0eXAiOiJKV1QiLCJzdiI6IjAwMDAwMSIsInptX3NrbSI6InptX28ybSIsImFsZyI6IkhTMjU2In0.eyJhdWQiOiJjbGllbnRzbSIsInVpZCI6Ijc0MEQ4ZmxfUkh1UFA2cW83bF8tR0EiLCJpc3MiOiJ3ZWIiLCJzayI6IjAiLCJzdHkiOjEwMCwid2NkIjoiZ292IiwiY2x0IjowLCJleHAiOjE3MTg3NDE3NDEsImlhdCI6MTcxODczNDU0MSwiYWlkIjoidFdHcHdkZjFSTVNrbE1aVWI3cTctdyIsImNpZCI6IiJ9.lB5gRlSPv_eI2AAEnSPLZlMQT4JnBm15fVXPS8HvcOw",
    "success": meetingJoined,
    "error": function (err) {
        console.log('join meeting error', err);

Init/Join function

    leaveUrl: ZoomConfig.leaveUrl,
    isSupportAV: true,
    showMeetingHeader: false,
    success: function () {
        console.log('init meeting success');

        let joinConfig = {
            sdkKey: ZoomConfig.sdkKey,
            signature: signature,
            meetingNumber: ZoomConfig.meetingNumber,
            passWord: (ZoomConfig.passWord) ? ZoomConfig.passWord : '',
            userName: ZoomConfig.userName,
            zak: ZoomConfig.zak,
            success: meetingJoined,
            error: function (err) {
                console.log('join meeting error', err);

        console.log('joinConfig', joinConfig);

    error: function (err) {
        console.log('init meeting error', err);

Can anyone from zoom provide any feedback for this, or even where the Zoom for Government documentation can be found.

Can anyone help with this?

Can anyone help with this?

Hi @sales1
Thanks for reaching out to us, I will look into this and come back to you with an update shortly.

Were you able to use your application before with no issues or is this a new issue you are having?

In the meantime, I will like to suggest you to update the web meeting SDK version since the one you are using is a previous version, we are now on 3.8.0

One of our clients recently switched to Zoom Gov so this is the first time we’re doing anything with Zoom Gov.

Our regular zoom is working fine with all the same code, we just dropped in zoom gov URLs for the API/OAuth calls.

I see.
How are you retrieving the token? If you are using the Get a User’s Token API please make sure that you are setting the type query parameter to “zak”

Thanks for the reply @elisa.zoom.

That is precisely how we get the token, and the token is returned. Are the SDK versions for the Zoom Gov version the same as they are for the standard Zoom?

What about the CDN resources, do those differ by chance?