Email about Zoom Meeting SDK Policy

I received an email about new Meeting SDK requirements and how my app will be blocked if I don’t submit it for a marketplace review by March 1st 2024. My app is on the marketplace and approved, but I believe this email was generated due to a glitch we had with our marketplace listing last year. I really need to talk to someone to find out if I am truly impacted by this or if it is a false alarm.

If I submit a developer support request, it gets closed automatically because I don’t have premium support.

The link in the email that points to “Developer Open Hours” takes me to a page that says I can’t register for the meeting because it happened back in December.

I really don’t have any other options besides this forum.


Thank you for posting in the Zoom Developer Forum. I’m glad to assist. I’ll send you a private message. Please share your account details there, and I’ll look into this matter for you.

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We’ve recently received the email regarding the Zoom Meeting SDK Policy, and we’d like to ensure its implications for us.
We operate zoom private applications.
Regarding the requirement stated in the email:

Your app must be submitted for review by March 1st, 2024 to maintain the ability to join meetings hosted outside your own account.

We want to confirm our understanding of how this applies, particularly in cases like the following:
Initializing the ZoomMeetingSDK using a JWT created with a SecretKey for Zoom and joining as a guest without logging in:

  • Acceptable: Meetings created by developers who issued the SecretKey
  • Not Acceptable: Meetings created by third parties or other users

If there are any additional details or actions we need to take, please let us know.
Additionally, if there’s a more suitable channel for this discussion, kindly advise.

@donte.zoom , Dear Zoom Team Staff

Are there any updates regarding our-case?

This policy update affect too-big our develop schedule.

The new policy prevents you from joining meetings of users outside your account or tenant. However, if the user is within your account or tenant, you should be able to join their meetings. You can think of it like this:

If the Meeting SDK involves cross-account joining: Marketplace Publish Required

If the Meeting SDK is under the same account as the host and external users are joining: No Marketplace is Required

Here is a helpful blog on this topic for reference:

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